PROJECT NYC - "Manhattan" - Sewer Cover Doormat

Sewers of the World by Vernakular is a project that examines the diversity and beauty of the ubiquitous, yet overlooked sewer covers we find all over the world. Vernakular has scoured over 75 cities and 20 different countries (and counting), in search of the most unique and inspiring sewer covers.

This sewer cover was taken in Manhattan, New York, NY.  It all started in New York City. This was one of our very first designs, so it is one that is very close to our hearts! We also love the symmetry. 
The imagery on the doormats is stunningly realistic appearing almost three-dimensional. A great conversation piece, it can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, indoor, as a wall hanging, or table-top. 

Synthetic Fiber
Rubber Bottom 
23.5" in diameter
0.12" thick

Wash in the gentle cycle. Hang dry. 

Made in our studios in Red Hook, Brooklyn 

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