Sewer Cover Trivets, Set of 4

Trivets of the World comes from photographs of sewer covers taken around the world. Vernakular has used these images to create a series of unique household items, such as doormats, coasters, and trivets.

This collection of four trivets feature images of sewer covers from New York City. Printed on wood the imagery looks three-dimensional and stunningly realistic. The trivets measure 10" in diameter.

Please note: If you would like to order a set of four trivets, please return to the main trivet page (linked here) and make a note of which 4 trivets you would like. Each trivet is uniquely identified with a name in quotation marks. Once you've decided on your trivets, you can return to this page and enter the names in the text fields labelled Trivet 1, Trivet 2, Trivet 3, Trivet 4.

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